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  • Hello, I'm from France
    _ The subject of change clutch 4200 f1, was to stop,
    did you find a solution to change or even.
    _a another page says?
    thank you Intelligence
    Hi Frank,

    Just had to pay the deposit for the Mercure, Beaune, they wanted half the breakfast as well which I said was a bit rich and they dropped. So we have your room: Standard Double @ E101 + E1 Tax = E102 x 50% = E51. The exchange rate is around 1.19, so I make it your 50% is £42.86. If you pay by PayPal they seem to charge £1.74 for the service, so that's £44.60. If you can send it to my company account and mark it from you for Mercure, so that I know what it is.


    message from my colleage - re your service request...

    'Can you remind Frank that the prices were set to pick up and drop off in Liverpool, I did send him an email, and I’d hate to think that he believes the prices are based on Enniskillen'


    hi Frank
    Hope you are good. Aparently you are the recipient of the Supercarhub donation for the annual awards. I did ask Miles if he had an address for you - but think he has forgotten to get back to me...

    Let me have you address and when i am next at the post office i will post. I can't promise it in the next few days, i am now in need of some packaging (original disposed of and xmas wrapped!!!) However i wont forget you....


    Hi frank
    here is all contact details.

    highbridge rd, sutton coldfield. west mids. b73 5qa
    landline......0121 355 2356
    mob..............07835 997 471
    Hi Frank,

    No, I haven't yet found a better solution for the front wishbones but I am ready for the next time the rose bearing wears on the back.

    Frank just rung David Askew he has the cooling rad if you need it 40% of retail price , he can post it tomorrow if you require

    regards loz
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