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  • hi Loz,
    I'm having trouble with my F1 pump.
    I have exchanged the original pump relay with a BMW relay (BMW part no. 6136-1393403 for EUR 19,-)
    but the pump didn't start.
    Now I must replace the pump which is causing much more work to do.

    Could you send me a picture of this "exhaust bracing bracket" that has to be removed.
    I cannot find it
    thank you
    Hi Loz
    hows things. long time no speak. hope your still busy at work.
    just mentioned on the forum that i am looking at american ads. for gs spyders. there just aint anything in the uk that appeals to me . there just seems to be the usual 8 spyders around that have been around for yonks. you rarely see a gs spyder. but there seems to be hobsons choice in the states. miles just mentioned that you maybe have looked into buying and importing from the states.
    So......how complicated, difficult is it.
    Hi matey.
    Wish i had come on the le mans trip now! looked brill, except 1st day's rain!!
    Anyway, sent you a couple of txts, an email etc. No reply.
    Trying to find out, if you found the key? If not, price of a new one? Does the new one need to be coded by a dealer, or can it be done with car, by inserting in ignition, and turning so many times etc?
    Car is behaving itself. Only problem, wiper judder, and split blade. Oh, and must have a leak on the wiper bottle. Filled it, not used it, and light is back on. I think its where the pipe goes to the headlight wash.
    Hi Lozcb.
    Its, Andy [ sumplug off SFC].Thought its time I joined. See whats going on here.
    Not heard from you for awhile, everything ok?

    Hi Loz,
    MC Hotels: We have group rates at the Mercure, Beaune and the Elysee Palace, Nice (see thread), if you want me to reserve a room at either, please could you provide which type and your names.
    Hi Loz
    Are far as I knew you and I were in the running for some of Pat's Gear!! If you are passing on it then I would like to take it up and buy it for the advertised 400 GBP please? as is..If you can give me Pat's bank details I'll tranfer the money today?
    It would be helpful to know what Pat has tuned it for plus any installation documentation.
    If I need to get re flashed via FD then I'll speak with Jeff
    Re: Your GS For Sale
    Hey Alan,
    Would be good to catch up for a chinwag about all things Maserati but I'm chocca this week and then back home on the Friday. Where do you work? I'm at 35 Collins St.
    Loz has first shout . I will be selling the ECM and the Drive-by-wire module. The ECM is custom for my car, so it might need to be reconfigured for yours. Jeff (FD) is happy to do this. Once DL have sold the car and returned me the modules, I will contact both you and Loz and we can see what sort of price is good.
    Hi Loz
    I might be offerd a set of 20" QP Rims NO rubber
    IF thay are all OK and Straight
    How much do you think they may be worth ££££ ?????
    Got any ideas

    Hi Loz, have you been onto the other side recently..I think some chap called Custard is having a pop at you mate...It's in the for sale Damaged QP section...He said...Cheeky *******.

    None of the interest in my car was from potential buyers, just from 'senior members' keen to suck each other off, one of whom rattles around in a written off Gransport with not so much as a raised eyebrow!
    If you have a genuine enquiry regarding your car then of course you'll need to justify the integrity of the repair, what you don't have to do though is pander to the whims of some muppet trying to boost his forum standing!
    Hello mate, all good here - actually been spending a lot more quality time with my italian mistress of late! that and I've taken up golf (it helps that there's some crackin back roads on the way to the course :) - be great to grab a beer, let's have a chat next Friday? Si.
    Hi Loz, just back from Italy...the beast started 1st time....but brakes were quite stuck....!! Anyways a little bit of torque....off we went wtih noticeable rubbing.....and then on braking....an even louder/intermittent noise and not very pleasant, this will wear off or check for something???

    Cheers, Frank
    Thanks Loz, but not keen on a Ghibli prima serie. A GT maybe, but not a prima or MY94. Picky aren't I? ;)

    Appreciate the message though, that website is by the way very dangerous given all the stuff on sale!


    I am struggling with the new set up!

    Two things - I am trying to copy pictures over from the UK forum - how do I do it - wont let me copy / select all and paste.

    also - how do I get smilies in the body of the text - when I press on them they either go to the top or give me the type face rather than the smilie.

    Your online early tgi's morning mate, me too. Sad arnt we! Just can't seem to put it down at the moment. Registrations going well I am just off over to the US forum to see if I have been banned for blatent dogging!

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