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  • Morning Pete, hope life is treating you and the missus well , your being missed mate , be great for you to pop in say a few hello's , what with the summer season virtually upon us to and to meet up at a few of the upcoming events

    Kindest regards

    Hi Pete,
    MC Trip: We have group rates from the Mercure Hotel, Beaune and the Elysee Palace, Nice (see thread), if you want to reserve a room please could you tell me what type and your names by PM, I will add you to the list.
    Hi Loz,

    Yes Malc is back on MF after almost 9 months away...will get a message ot him about the Christmas Do
    Pete, have tried to contact Malc re the xmas do on the 11th wondered if you had heard from him

    regards loz
    Hey, nice to see you finally turned up, heehee

    About time we got together down your neck of the woods again, shame I can never make Italian day it always falls on my wedding anniversary weekend, big no, no!

    Appreciate your support.

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