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  • Hi Zep,

    I’ve seen your posting on another thread about knowing how to bypass the navtrak module, I was wondering if you could help with the removal of mine from my Levante?

    Hi Shaz. I can’t help with a Levante. If you call Navtrac, they will come out and remove it for you.
    I have installed GPS trackers by contract in the past. Most tracking systems are a two wire installation (red/black) Majority of SOP requires wires to be splice into the OBD feed close to the plug. It's the easiest and fastest way to tag a ground and 12 V constant. If you attempt a DIY removal. Please cut one wire at a time. First follow the wires to confirm they end at the GPS module.
    Hi Zep, can you tell me details about your big brake upgrade kit for maserati. How much is it, seperated into front and rear, i probably only want the front.
    Does it fit a granturismo 4.7s 2010 model?
    Where are you based and can any good mechanic fit the kit?

    Thanks in advance

    hello Zep, I understand you have an adapter and alternate oil pressure sender for the 4200 ? I have an 02 with a flickering gauge


    kentucky, USA
    Hi zep, im roberto from italy, i have common problem in forum, low pressure oil in traffic, in reverse back, and in neutral, but when push on rpm tje pressure is ok. A friend wrote me about heatsheild, but i found it, where s it, and where found it. Grazie a presto
    Hi Zep, in a thread from 2019 you said, "I have an adapter and sender kits, plus the tools to fit which cost less than the OEM part, PM me if you want one." Would you be willing to send to me in the USA? What would the kits cost, plus shipping? Thank you!
    To clarify, I'm referring to an oil pressure sender and adapter for a 2004 Coupe Cambiocorsa. Thanks again
    I have a 2004 Spyder CC.
    I note from this forum that you have devised a replacement using an adaptor and a some form of "standard" or more common pressure sensor. Can you provide details on how i can obtain one? Thanks. How do I get these from you?
    Hi Zep, I've got a QP Evoluzione V8 and need an oil pressure sensor replacement. (Part Number 183452) I note from this forum that you have devised a replacement using an adaptor and a some form of "standard" or more common pressure sensor.

    I would be interested in the details of where I might source the parts?

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Myke (UK)
    I’m really sorry, I have only just seen this.

    My parts are specific to the F136 engine, however I know David Askew has a similar product for the earlier engines. Have you tried him?
    I’m a new member with 2 Ghiblis and a GT C Sport. I left BMW and never looked back. I love the Mas. I have 2 great dealers that I use. Mas of Palm Beach and Mas of New England (Boch). Both are great . I’ve considered trading the GT for a California T but there really no reason to do it. Any thoughts on GT vs T?
    Hi Zep. Good luck with the sale...bargain at that peice.
    could tou PM me with how much the bushes set you back fitted.
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