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Last time I was in Italy, I’d not long bought my wife a new Guilia Quatrofoglio. They were very rare in the U.K. then three years ago, but on holiday in Italy we hoped we see some. Sure enough when driving to our hotel in Florence there was one crashed at the side of the road. Smoke was pouring from underneath it, most of its window glass was smashed and a small crowd and a few policemen stood around it. It was also painted
a weird yellow green colour. Naturally we parked up and walked over to check it out. It turned out to be a film set being shot by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds. We spoke to both of them, checked out the QF and walked back to my car. As we drove away we were chased by two pretty girls on a Vespa scooter. The girl on the back was photographing furiously. Well, I know I’m pretty, but I ain’t that pretty, so I was never so pleased to get to our hotel and see the big iron security gates slam shut behind us.

Next day we got a phone call at our hotel from one of the movies executive producers. He’d seen the pictures of my car that the girls had taken and wanted to hire it for the movie. It was just green screen backdrop footage with Ryan at the wheel scorching down a mountain road. They’d send a car and I’d follow it for a forty minute drive to a film studio on the other side of Florence. They sent another Guilia Quatrofoglio painted the same colour ( three identical QF’s were used for the movie ) and away we went. Several hours and one excellent Italian lunch later, I drove back to my hotel with a crate of fine Italian red wine in the boot and three thousand Euros in my back pocket. I guess that they don’t get many British Racing Green Aston Martin DB9 Volantes in Italy.