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  • Hi Mate hope life is treating you and the missus well , your being missed mate be great for you to pop in and say hello sometime , im sure you must have built up a score of little french cars to post

    Take care mate

    Kindest regards
    nothing wrong with dropping out for a bit and popping your head back through the door , I do it all the time basically because i dont have pc internet and managing this on my phone is to technical for me when its dripping with sweat a lot of the time ,
    Take care bud ,i ll be gutted if this is the last we see of you
    Take a breather mate ......................count to ten and start to enjoy that tinkering retirement ..........please dont say never , seems i have missed an awful lot and this is just another uprising ............cant be arsed to read up on previous uprisings to try and calculate whether this is more harmful ........
    considering a 2004 cambiocorsa spyder with 38k on the clock. intend to use as a daily driver, estimate 5-6k miles per year. two questions: first, is this just a bad idea? second, what specific problems should i look for prior to purchase?
    Used both of mine as daily drivers albeit a few years ago now.
    Driving in traffic not good for the clutch.
    Make sure the suspension is in good order and the roof.
    Good Luck.
    thanks for the immediate and helpful reply.
    Hi Phil , what are the french govenment doing for the citizens over the Corona virus impact , hin terms of financial help for workers / businesses
    UK Government pretty well doing what the French have already started.
    Same issues for self employed like me though Loz but hopefully to be addressed.
    Hi all my name is Phil Wilkinson 48 year old Motor Engineer in North Somerset.
    Proud owner of my first Maserati a 2002 4200 cc.
    Cars and Motorcycles are my life both earning my living and for pleasure.
    I rally at National level a Toyota Celica GT4 ST185.
    I also race an Enduro Motorcycle in the over 40's 4 stroke class.
    I have owned many good cars but can honestly say my new toy has reignited my passion for motor vehicles.
    Hope to see you all around and about.
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    Hey Phil. Good to see you are back mate. Hope family and you are well.
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