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Hi Phil , what are the french govenment doing for the citizens over the Corona virus impact , hin terms of financial help for workers / businesses
UK Government pretty well doing what the French have already started.
Same issues for self employed like me though Loz but hopefully to be addressed.
Hi Andrea, I was wondering if it was possible to get hold of the gransport service history hand book from you , I know Dickie Grace well who suplied the car, i would really appreciate it if you could contact me 07799 877175 or lozcb on the forum . .several of the Glasgow members have offered to collect it and forward it.

Kindest regards

Does anyone know how to update the Satnav on a 2010 Grandturismo S?
Hi dean happy new year mate I maybe putting the QP up for sale had the suspension ecu done .no faults also paddles fitted new engine Mount's new dvd player in roof .not done last week .4 new tyres fitted yesterday.. Let me know cheers
Had my GS for about a year now.
This is the ninth 4200 and GS I have had.
Tried Porsche,Mercedes and jags but keep going back to the masser. Love them .
Only down side is sticky switch gear?
I believe the reserve was in the low fifties. He’d turned down a trade deal at 50k. Apparently the owner knows the owner of the auction website.

As a private buy, I think 50k, as if being sold by a specialist it would be at £57995, to include a new service, the paint fixed, a warranty, etc.

But it’s a great example of a very rare car in the right colour. So does a few grand matter? Probably not.

Good luck
Hi, I'd be interested around that price. How quickly do you need to proceed, I'm in Cheshire so it's not just around the corner for me. Do you think you'll get a report done before you sell? Pm me.
Hi Ian i hope your well, i am thinking about selling the maserati i am looking for £30,000 am in no real rush but thought i would let you know first before i think about advertising it . if your interested please let me know thanks john
Hi, You may ask Alpa from Maseratitude to ear this noise. He knows a lot about these engines Philippe