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  • Hi Andy Halestorm are going to be on Planet Rock very soon, like 5 or 10 minutes I think.
    hiya hun

    could you have a chat with a guy in the south west lounge he is interested in the track day, i have answered s best i can and hope he will come along as he is a newbie and will be good to encourage some new bolod to meets

    He send me an email Tess.....meeting at 0745 at Magor....Cheers, Andy.
    hey hun

    chris hasnt got pm on AO as hes not a member, can you let me know wat time you wanna meet hiom and i will let him know, sorry its going thru me all the time but he is hopeless , typical surfer hippy boy bless him....x
    Yeah i would like the Elise brochures please, any brochures you have duplicates of, just send 'em as i probably dont have them.

    Thanks a lot.

    P.S. how many pages is the MC Victory pamphlet?
    Ah, clean forgot Adam...sorry...will you remind me tomorrow as I'm off to bed now as up at 2 to go to work....

    Cheers, Andy....

    PS, I have an Elise mrk2 brochure and Exige mrk2 flyer and a mrk1 Elise pamphlet which was the first ever Elise brochure that was given out pre production...The MRK Elise brochure is not in perfect condition as it has a stain on it but you are more than welcome to have these as I have two of them...I'll post them to you if you are interested.
    Hi Andy, just wondered as i thought you may have forgot, would you be able to scan in the MC Victory Pamphlet when you get the chance as i wanted to see it and have not found one on Ebay.

    Andy let me know who did your GTV wheels refurb as thats the colour i want my original 4200 wheels done.
    Just spoke to Pibbow, he says you have some pics of his Ghibli? He said it would be o.k for you to post them on the forum, it is just that i have not seen any pics of his car?

    shouldn't say this on here but i just joined an Alfa Forum, it is called Alfa Owner, makes me want an AF even more now.
    Not sure Adam.....On PH TVR forum therer are some pics of the factory with the unfinishes cars in that someone had taken so maybe you can..
    After watching Top Gear last night, i was wondering do you think it is possible to go and visit the derelict TVR factory?
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